Automate to Achieve:
Effortless Document Efficiency
with mindox AI

Reduce manual tasks, enhance data accuracy, and optimize workforce deployment for greater efficiency.

Minimize Manual Efforts
Maximize Efficiency

Elevate your document handling with mindox’s AI-driven, cloud-based platform.
Here’s how:

01. Input

pdf png jpeg jpg tiff

Seamlessly Ingest Files

  • Supports PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG and TIFF formats.
  • Effortless file imports via API.
  • Integration with various cloud storage.

02. Extract

data extraction from documents

Precision Data Capture

  • Precise capture of key values and tables.
  • Handles unstructured and handwritten documents.
  • Multilingual Processing

03. Smart Analysis:​

Analysis graph

Turn Data into Insights

  • Transform raw data into actionable insights.
  • Empower teams with rapid, data-driven decision-making tools.

04. Export

export button

Flexible Data Integration

  • Export processed data effortlessly in your preferred format.
  • Integrate the exported data seamlessly back into your systems.
Train on your data

Get Started Easily

Instantly use pre-trained models or train on your data.
Streamline document processing with flexible AI models.

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Customize models for your document type.
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Efficient data labeling tools for accuracy.​
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Continuous learning for improved performance.
Data extraction

Unmatched Accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop

Combine AI precision with human expertise for unmatched accuracy in document processing.

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Confidence scores: Spot errors instantly, prioritize reviews easily.​
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Access advanced features for efficient reviewing.​
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User-friendly interface for easy use.​​
Data extraction
transform data into decisions

Insights: Go Beyond Simple Data Extraction

mindox interprets data, not just extracts it.
Get contextual understanding and actionable insights for smarter decisions.

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Organized data: Ready for immediate analysis.​
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Intuitive analytics: Explore trends and uncover hidden gems.​
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Customized reports: Make data actionable for your business.​
ask questions and receive immediate, intelligent responses

Simplify Your Search
with Chat Explore

Skip searching, chat with mindox!
Get instant insights and explore documents naturally.

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Have natural, chat-based conversations.​
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Receive instant insights and document analysis.​
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Explore documents with an intuitive chat interface.​
ask questions and receive immediate, intelligent responses

Dashboard: See it All, Optimize it All

Monitor, optimize, and streamline document processing across your organization with our comprehensive dashboard.

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Real-time monitoring: Spot bottlenecks, react instantly.​
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Central Command: Manage docs across departments.​
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Branch-specific insights: Drill down for focused improvement.​

Advancing Together with Our
Customers Delivering Value

With mindox, financial institutions can achieve significant benefits, including:


Lower cost


Faster Processing


Less Human Error

AI document processing tailored to your needs

Start processing smarter today. Explore our full range of pre-built APIs now!

document types
document types

Data security is our top priority

mindox prioritises the confidentiality and integrity of your data. As a testament to our commitment, we adhere to stringent compliance standards. 

Industry-standard encryption

Customer data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2 or higher and at rest using AES-256 or equivalent standards

Audit logs

We maintain detailed audit trails of user actions within our products.

Data compliance

Our products are designed to comply with the GDPR and all local data protection regulations.

Role-based access control

Employees are assigned permissions based on their responsibilities, ensuring they have access only to the data and functionalities necessary for their tasks.

Security testing

We conduct a comprehensive security testing of our products before shipping to ensure they are free of technical vulnerabilities.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication provides an added layer of security necessary to protect user accounts and their data.